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Personal Identifier

It's intelligent, anticipates your needs, is there relentlessly day and night to protect you.

Sound like a good friend to have? Absolutely!

It's the "Identity Personal Recognition SystemTM" and it's the latest edge of evolution, in

vehicle security.


What makes IdentityTM so advanced?

Well, It's smart. With your "Personal Identifier" on your key ring, IdentityTM knows when you approach and exit your vehicle. It arms and disarms with automatic, hands free operation.  It's also very high tech. Using micro-electronic circuitry, Identity'sTM Immobilization Control CircuitTM (ICC), interface's directly into your vehicle Ignition, fuel or starter systems, all without cutting any of the factory wiring.


IdentityTM is absolutely impossible to hotwire!

With no wires to trace, IdentityTM becomes completely invisible for a potential thief!





Personal Identifier Pack